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TV is supposed to be entertainment not a labor.  Let TV Solutions of New Bern do the work so you can sit back and enjoy your TV

Antenna Mounting

Get Free Over the Air TV (OTA) with a digital TV antenna

The exterior antennas I mount are in compliance with all HOAs, federal, state and local guidelines. 

One antenna will service all your TVs either through existing cabling or over your wifi network.

The antenna is independently grounded to maximum fire protection from a lightening strike.  It may be feasible to mount the antenna in the attic if reception is strong enough.

Cord Cutting Consultation

You've heard the term but what exactly does it mean.  Free 1/2  consultation to help you untangling the meaning and come up with a plan

TV Mounting

Where do you want it? living room, porch, bedroom?   I'll put it where you want it.

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Universal Remote Programming

Got Too Many Remotes?   Let me show you have to combine all your remotes to one universal remote.   Want to go even further?  Ask about Voice Command

Cable & Cord Management

Tidy up those messy and unsightly cables and wires

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Online Monitoring

Internet TV

There's more ways to watch local and network TV.  Youtube TV, DirecTV Now, Sling, Hulu+
I offer consultation services to help you decide what works best for you

Picture & Audio Tunning

Does your TV not look like it did in the store?  Are you not getting the most out of your audio system?  Let me fine tune your picture and audio system to maximum results

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