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 TV Solutions of New Bern

A Better Picture for a Better Price

Our Services


Freedom from Cable

Maybe you've heard the term "cut the cord," but you aren't sure what it means or what's involved. 

Cutting the cord saves you money and brings a more enjoyable TV experience. You can enjoy your favorite content when and where you'd like to watch and eliminate the hassle of the cable company.

I offer a free half hour consultation to explain the process and provide you with a personalized recommendation to fit your viewing habits, comfort with technology, and budget.

Antenna Installation

Get free Over the Air (OTA) TV with a digital TV antenna. Digital antennas allow you to watch network TV in high-definition for absolutely no cost.

I take care to place each antenna in an optimal position and to minimize visible wires and cables. The antennas I install are in compliance with all HOAs, federal, state and local guidelines.

The antenna is independently grounded to provide maximum fire protection from a lightning strike.  

It may be feasible to mount the antenna in the attic if the signal is strong enough.


Audio Service

A great picture is only part of a great TV experience experience, and theater-quality sound is more accessible than ever before.

Today's sound options have never been more flexible: from an 11 speaker home-theater set up to a virtually invisible sound bar. I'll explain your options and make a recommendation based on over two decades of experience.

Have trouble hearing but hate subtitles?   There are hearing impaired solutions available, including wirelessly connecting to your hearing aid.

Cable and Cord Management

Does the back of your TV look like this? 
Don’t know which cable is connected to which device?

Let me untangle the cables and organize everything in a clean, accessible manner.


Universal Remote

Is your coffee table covered with remote controls? 

Don’t know which remote you use to watch Netflix or how to find the guide?

Do you wish you could press one button to make everything work--the first time?

A universal remote will make your life easier and free up space on the coffee table.


My Story


My name is Dante Genua and I cut the cord 10 years ago and haven't looked back.   Every year I got a letter that started with "Dear Valued Customer" and ended with "here's your rate increase." Since then I have helped dozens of friends and neighbors get a better picture for a better price.

I have over 30 years experience with TV and audio systems.  I know how disruptive it can be to change your TV habits so part of my service includes hands on training  that matches individual learning styles to get you comfortable with your new TV experience.


Take Back the Remote

My Passion

TV has been a part of my life professionally and personally for over 30 years.  In that time I have had rabbit ears, cable, satellite, streaming you name it.
While working at TV stations, I spent a lot of time with the engineers learning about the latest technologies and how I could get the best picture for the best price.
 Today there are more and more video options available.  My job is to guide you to making the best choice that fits you and your family's viewing habits, technology comfort level, and budget.

TV Remote
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